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InVEST Manual Updates Proposals

Hi everyone,

As it may be a bit difficult for you guys in the staff to treat all your mails,
and manual updates issues being less urgent issues, I thought about writing all our suggestions about the Online User guide in here.

There might already exist such a topic but I couldn't find one.

In the NDR model explanation, there is no "equation 6", it passes directly from 5 to 7:

""In equation [6], the factor 5 is based on the assumption that maximum
efficiency is reached when 99% of its value is reached (assumption due
to the exponential form of the efficiency function, which implies that
the maximum value cannot be reached with a finite flow path length).""


A bit later on there's a script typo:

"where :math:`D_{up} = overline{S} is the average slope gradient of the upslope contributing area (m/m)"



  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Thanks Emile, I just fixed those typos and pushed to the online user's guide which will update in the next few minutes.  Feel free to post more as you find them.  There are plenty.  :)
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