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NCP-101 Module #3: Getting Started with InVEST: Intro to GIS: unable to locate Assessment_Mod3_Co...

I am unable to access the source file for this training.  I initially tried with the most recent version of InVEST, then uninstalled that and used the version of InVEST that appears on the demonstration video.  Here is a screenshot of the files that I have available when I open the InVEST folder within QGIS:

805 x 601 - 132K


  • gverutesgverutes Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Kevin,
    The link to download the source files for the optional Colombia assessment in module 3 is listed in the course itself.  Navigate to the start page of the optional assessment and click on the link to download the GIS layers.  To clarify, these source files are not included in the InVEST installer.  

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