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Error: raster values do not have corresponding entries in the 'value maps'


I am running the carbon sequestration model. If my table contains all lucodes present in both raster files, do the raster files need to contain all lucodes even if the land use is not present in the area? 
For example:
lulc_17future needs to contain the pixel value 5 as 'NoData' so 'count 0' because is present in the other raster file?

If not I don't see why I keep having problems to run the model.
Please see files attached for a better understanding. 

Kind Regards.


  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff

    The error in your log indicates that relcas.ovr raster has a pixel value of 128, but that value is not present in the lucode column of your carbon pools csv table. So you either need to add a row in the csv table for lucode 128, or, if a pixel value of 128 is supposed to represent nodata in your raster, then you could use GIS to make sure your raster actually has that nodata value defined.
  • BlancaBlanca Member
    Hi Dave,

    I have added the value of 128 to my csv table and it ran successfully.

    Thank you Dave.
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