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Carbon Model_Publications

I am interested in knowing if there are any current publications using or referencing the Carbon Storage and Sequestration model?  I am currently working with the model and developing a manuscript and it would be nice to have the reference if possible.

Thank you.


  • BlancaBlanca Member

    I am currently running the model for an area here in the UK. My references are the ones below:

    • Kareiva, P.M. 2011, Natural capital: theory & practice of mapping ecosystem services, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

    • Sharps, K., Masante, D., Thomas, A., Jackson, B., Redhead, J., May, L., Prosser, H., Cosby, B., Emmett, B. & Jones, L. 2017, "Comparing strengths and weaknesses of three ecosystem services modelling tools in a diverse UK river catchment", Science of the Total Environment, vol. 584-585, pp. 118-130.
    I hope it helps you.

  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Also, you can search our publication library, which has links to many papers we and collaborators have done using the models.

    ~ Stacie

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