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Overlapping habitats in HRA model

Dear all, 

I was wondering if HRA model has been designed to analyze the risk on overlapping habitats. Let's say that you have turtle foraging area above coral patches, shall we give the two overlapping shapefiles to the model? Also, I tried to tick both "risk on habitat" and "risk on species" in the pre-processor but, it will create only one of the two folders...

I am looking forward an advice. 

Best regards,

Antoine Saurat


  • Hi Antoine,

    Thanks for your questions! The model was intended to analyze the risk on each habitat with the possibility of overlapping stressors. It could be used to analyze overlapping habitats, as long as you have the exposure and consequence criteria scores for the overlapping habitats. It is usually not recommended though, since each habitat should have their own criteria scores. 

    Only one of "risk on habitat" and "risk on species" can be chosen in the Preprocessor, and they are treated similarly in the model. 

    Hope this answers your question,
  • Dear Joanna, 

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Best regards,

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