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Calculating Algae from NDR readings

Hello all,


I am interpreting the final results of the NDR model. Various
literature sources have talked about the relationship nitrogen and phosphorous
has to algae growth. I have been able to find equations that could possibly be
used to get the quantity of algae able to grow based on the exported amounts of
nutrients. The main equation is below. Was wondering if anybody has done this
sort of calculation before and their recommendations.


Where Qi: volume of inflow, Kc coefficient for velocity of
settlement, Qo              Volume of
outflow, Ca is the total algae concentration in the lake, Kd is the decomposition
reaction, o2 temperature coefficient chl-a, T water temperature, f6(Tr) function
for caluclation of eophotic zone using values for transparency, Kp is the coefficient
for rate of production, f7(T) is the function for effect of temperature on
production of algae, S solar radiation, Ms Michaelis constant for solar
radiation, IN Function for dependence on nutrient salt concentration of
nitrogen, IP Function for dependence on nutrient salt concentration of
phosphorous, Mn Michaelis constant for IN, and Mp Michaelis constant for IP
(JICA, 1980). At the current time I am able to have all the variables and the
equation in an excel spreadsheet. I would like to be able to maintain such a plug-in
workflow with any equation I use.


Thank you for your time,

Thomas Price

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