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Calibrating NDR to local readings

Hello all,


I was wondering if anybody has ever calibrated the final NDR
results they are getting to local readings of water quality at the export area.
The idea that I have for doing this is to divide the results based on the polygons
of each LULC to get the amount that each LULC contributes to the final. From
there calculate the difference from the local readings and the final model
outputs. The percent that each LULC contributes to the final results would then
be used to calculate the total amount difference for each LULC from local
readings and the model outputs. This difference would then be divided by the
total amount of hectares each LULC covers to show how much the biophysical
variables need to be modified. I am thinking that calibrating to local values
will be useful in justifying model predictions under other LULC conditions. If
anyone has done this before please let me know.


Thank you for your time,

Thomas Price

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