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Telecoupling GeoApp: InVEST tools now available online!

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Researchers working on coupled human-natural systems, ecosystem services and sustainability issues now can avoid installing InVEST on the computer. There is now an online platform to run its main models.

The Telecoupling GeoApp, a web-based application provides researchers and practitioners with a useful platform to address globally important issues such as international trade, species invasion, biodiversity conservation, and land-use change. It includes a large collection of widgets dedicated to separate tasks such as querying datamapping and visualizationquantitative analysis, and satellite imagery analysis. Additionally, it operationalizes the telecoupling framework - a framework introduced in 2011 to address the dynamic interactions related to global sustainability challenges - by allowing users to visualize and quantify various components of telecouplings.

To learn more, check out the main project website and join FORUM (Slack channel) to interact with developers and users of the web application to discuss potential new tools, report bugs, and discuss general topics related to sustainability and ecosystem services.

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