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Output folder "PAVED" not found

sitiyasminsitiyasmin Member
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Hi everyone,

I got two problem when running OPAL Nutrient Static Map model.

The first problem is i got an error stated that n_percent_to_stream.tif in
paved file (output folder) was not found (as shown below):

File not found: C:\Users\User7\Desktop\OPAL_Test\Test4_pl3_change\paved\nutrient_converted\intermediate\n_percent_to_stream.tif

When i look at the output folder, there is no folder name paved had been
created. But i noticed that n_percent_to_stream.tif is created in two
folders; (1) \nutrient_base\intermediate\n_percent_to_stream.tif and (2)

So how can i overcome this problem?

Another problem is even the n_percent_to_stream.tif was not found, the output
nutrient_protect_static_map.tif still created, but the value for the
whole area is zero. I think this might caused by the first problem i

Thank you,
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  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Yasmin, could you send your logfile and inputs to so I can take a look?  It'll be much easier to debug that way.

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