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Step-by-step pre-processing instructions


is it possible to have the step-by-step
instructions for calculate the input for the RIOS software outside of ArcGIS?

Thank you,


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Chiara -

    Attached are the step-by-step instructions for the RIOS pre-processor. If you have any questions about it, let me know.

    ~ Stacie
  • Hi Stacie,

    thank you very much! 

    All the best,
  • Hi dear Stacie.  

    See the image first 

    This is the metropolitan area of Tegucigalpa (yellow box), 1.3 million people living there and 67% of its population is supplied with water from both reservoirs, which look blue in the image. how to analyze the raster of beneficiaries if the largest number of these are outside the basins.

    I consult this, in case the investment of the established budget is reoriented to the areas of greater population within the study area (graduated colors and blank labels), if so, in this case they are not so critical areas as a source of nutrients and sedimentation if it is valued in this case the population values ... ¿how should I interpret that?

    Muchas gracias de nuevo
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    This is really late, but for future information, one of our wonderful users has ported the RIOS pre-processor out of ArcGIS, so it can be run without this dependency. Here's the web page for this script:

    Note that NatCap did not create this script, so it's not supported by us, and we have no expectation that Leon would provide significant support either, but I've tried it, it seems to work well, and I do recommend trying it.

    ~ Stacie

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