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Welcome WWF-Romania InVEST training participants!

Hello, WWF-Romania training participants!
Welcome to the NatCap user forums!

This forum is a great resource for getting extra information about NatCap tools and software.
You do not need to register for a forum account to search the information posted here, so if you ever have a question about NatCap tools, try searching the forum first to see if anyone else has asked that question.

Before the in-person workshop starts, please go to this collaborative Google doc and enter a response for yourself there.  

Link to Google doc:

In the Google doc, please write a short response with:
 - your name
 - a location in Romania that is important to you
 - have you seen this place change over time?
 - what kind of ecosystem services do you imagine it might provide?

We will take a look at all of your responses when we are together in Bucharest.

Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!!
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